Books and Nooks

This week is Book week! Our school is lucky enough to be holding a 3 week literature festival. Filled with fun, fantasy and fan worthy authors and illustrators.

We dressed up as out favourite book characters, rose to the challenge of drawing dangerous dragons and loved every minute of it.

A big thank you to Mr Carthew for planning such wonderful authors and illustrators to come out to Berwick Lodge Primary School.

We had a ball!

Yes, you heard it right. 20 students from 4R had the awesome opportunity to attend Hooptime on the 17th of August! What an epic day it was. With 8 different teams playing against schools in our local community, we had a ‘ball’! There were wins, loses and a few draws too. What we loved most about the day was the fantastic opportunity to learn how to work as a team, encourage one another and show out Lodgers spirit! One lucky team finished first in their division and get to move onto the district competition too. Well done to everyone what gave it their best go! Go Lodgers!!

An Indigenous Experience

As part of our third term inquiry units, the Grade 4 students are learning about the significance of Country and Place to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who belong to a local area. We were lucky enough to have a very special person come out to our school and talk to us! His name is Murrundindi.

Murrundindi is directly descended from two great Wurundjeri leaders via his mother, Gumbri, who has taught him to esteem and honour his Aboriginal heritage. As the elder of the Wurundjeri tribe, Murrundindi visits communities to teach people about Indigenous culture and life.

He brought in different items used by himself and his people; like this warm Kangaroo skin that Diesel and Lilly got to try on. His Didgeridoo skills were amazing and we heard him make sounds like the Kookaburra. It was an amazing and insightful experience where we learnt a lot about Indigenous history and culture.
Thank you Murrundindi for teaching us! 

Marble Mania

This term we have been learning all about force and motion. To finish all our learning and put into practice our science understandings we built our very own marble runs! Using recycled material and lots of sticky tape we made vertical runs on white boards and 3D structures that caused chain reactions. There was even a pulley in one! Simple machines, friction and gravity were all our friends on this fun day!


Did you know that ANZAC Day is on the 25th of April? Do you know why we take time to comemmorate the ANZACs on this day? We do!
We have been lucky enough to have a veteran from the Berwick RSL come out to chat with all the Grade 4 students. He brought along memorabelia for us to see and touch. A real jacket, made from heavy warm green wool. One that he war in the Vietnam War. He bought in his slouch hat and was generous enough to let us try it on! He showed us the medals he earnt in his time in the army.
He shared stories and we learnt information about the importance of commemorating our soldiers.
Then on the 24th we made our very own poppies for an ANZAC wreath to show our care and recognition for the sacrifices our war veterans made.

Remember tomorrow to take a minute of silence to remember, to hear the bugle and to listen to the ode and be thankful for the peaceful country we live in today. From a solomn and grateful 4R.

Read Like a Demon

Wow! What an amazing experience. Today we were lucky enough to have players from the Melbourne Football club come to our school. Believe it or not, they didn’t play football with us. Instead they read us an amazing book about World War 1 and a young orphan who found a new family.

We had Angus Brayshaw, Dom Tyson and Declan Keilty read to us and boy! Footy players can read! They used their expression to make the story sound exciting and dramatic. They asked us comprehension questions and every time one of us got an answer right we earnt prizes!

Overall our favourite part was having the opportunity to get things signed by these generous footballers. Check out the photo of Ryan getting his jersey signed!

As a class we want to say a huge thank you to the Melbourne Football Club for their fantastic community spirit in coming out to read to us. 4R can now ‘read like a demon!’

By 4R

The blur of Term 1!

And just like that Term 1 is over! We can’t believe it is over. Let’s have a quick recap of some of the fun things we have been up to in the last 9 weeks. Well there was the Book Fair! We made our own wish lists of the amazing book options that were available and learnt about how a blurb can help us identify if a book is a good pick for us. Then there was recycled dress up day! What a better way to save the environment than dress up in rubbish! Just kidding, we wouldn’t recommend these outfits for every day of the year but we certainly loved bringing awareness to the community about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling! Who could forget the fun times we have as a Grade 4 cohort too. We watched Inside Out together as part of our “Healthy Mind, Body and Soul” unit and talked all about Riley’s emotions. We had a talk from the Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater and even got an up close look at one of the little guys. Congratulations to our classmate Tyler who is now one of our schools Helmeted Honeyeater Ambassadors.

We hope you have enjoyed this brief look at our time together. We can’t wait for the fun to continue next term!

From the wonderful 4R!

Science Experiments to learn about Erosion!

This term one of our Inquiry Topics has been about ‘the soil beneath our feet’. We have talked all about weathering – which is the process of the ground being broken down and erosions – which is when the broken down materials are carried away. One of our absolute favourite parts of this unit was getting to do our own experiments to help us see how weathering and erosion can impact the environment. We used two-minute noodles as the representative of the ground (cool hey!). We then used a range of different movements and materials to see how the two-minute noodles would handle the different scenarios. These photos show some of the fun we had learning through experiments!  We had oodles of noodles of fun!

A Wonderful Chinese New Year!

On Friday the 2nd of March we had the opportunity to celebrate Chinese New Year as a whole school. It was such a fantastic experience to celebrate in our red clothes to represent good luck in the Chinese culture or out awesome traditional Chinese Dress. Our wonderful new Mandarin teacher organised an exciting parade. We were able to hear information about Chinese New Year, watch an epic Dragon performance, see the extension Mandarin students sing and dance together and show off our great outfits.

After lunch, we also had a special Mandarin teacher come to our class and teach us how to make traditional Chinese lanterns. We worked on paper folding and cutting skills with this activity and had a great time.

Check out the pictures to have a taste of the fun we had celebrating as a school community.

A special thanks to the families who came to celebrate with us.

From Mrs Rumble and the amazing class of 4R.